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Warner Pacific College
Recent Entries 
12th-Apr-2005 05:34 pm - Funny
Well this is funny, that there is a livejournal community for Warner. It will be even funnier if someone reads this.
18th-Nov-2004 03:29 pm - Newest member!
Hey everyone! This is just to let all the commuter students of WPC know that Drive Force, the WPC commuter club, has its very own Livejournal now! It will be kept up-to-date with announcements and events for commuters, so add it to your friends list! :D
11th-Aug-2004 01:08 am - New School Year (2004-2005)
Doffing hat
Starting August 23rd, the 2004-2005 school year will officially begin. Orientation for new students will be the 26th (and the weekend following). This will also be the same day that the residence halls are open and on-campus students can move in (noon). Classes will start on the 30th.

I'm looking forward to the year and I hope that it's filled with great memories. Good luck!
7th-Dec-2003 08:20 pm - 2nd member! woohoo.
shut up brain

I attend Warner Pacific College, and so, I decided to join this community. I am in the DCP group that started this fall, so I am relatively new to the school.

Well, I hope to see this community grow, I don't have much to add to it, but it would be nice to meet others from WP, outside of my cohort program.

Take care!
10th-Nov-2003 10:51 am - Welcome!
Doffing hat
Welcome to the Warner Pacific College Community. This community is dedicated to past, present, and future students of Warner Pacific College.
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